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Have you gone through the styles, colors and size charts etc. from the Vendor's / Manufacturer's web site and are ready to Order 'NOW'
Keeping in view the security of your credit card information, we will appreciate you copying this form (in 'Word' format), fill up all the required information, and fax it to us at Fax # 281-855-3377.  Please do not e-mail credit card information.  If you have any questions and want to talk to someone - personally - feel free to call at
As we receive your order form (fax), we will contact you on phone with the details of the order's availability.  We want to be sure you like the requested style and know that you are ordering the right size and color as ALL OUR SALES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS / RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ARE ALLOWED.
Highlight the following form - copy it - paste on 'Word' blank document - fill it up or print it and fill it with hand - Sign it - and fax it to # 281-855-3377


                                        Eesh Formals

                                                                         15440Ridge Park Dr.

                                                       Houston, TX 77095


Name of the Person for whom ordering: ____________________


Wear Date: (mmddyy) _ _ _ _ _ _                


Style #              Color:             Size:  _ _  #of items_ _    Price (if known)


NAME of the person placing the order

(as on the card)                      

                   (First)                                                  (Middle)                                                  (Last)



                   (Street)                                                                         (Aptt.#)



                                (City)                                                       (State)                                                     (Zip)



                   (Home)                                                (Office)                                      (Cell)

E-mail address:


CREDIT CARD : MC / VISA   __ ; AMX __; DISCOVER __ ; Debit __

CREDIT CARD #:                                             EXPIRY DATE:_ _  _ _  _ _

Card Verification NumberGive us your card ID #( it is always in the front of AMX card as shown and at the back of M/C and Visa - the last 3 digits)

                                                                                                                                mm  dd    yy

Special notes:(if any):


 Please arrange the above said dress(es) and mail to the following address:                   





The above said card belongs to me and I, in my full senses, authorise / give my consent to Eesh Formals (15440 Ridge Park Dr., Houston, TX 77095) to charge my credit / debit card for the price of the dress + tax (if any) + mailing charges.


I understand that Eesh Formals has the right to cancel the order if the items could not be arranged and shipped in time.  In that case, if my card has been charged I will be given refund for the same.  I further understand that once the order has been placed with the manufacturer, it can not be cancelled and no refunds or exchanges are allowed.


I, further, understand that the items once shipped to me by Eesh Formals,  will, in no case, be returnable or exchangeable.  I understand that no refunds will be given for the said item once sold to me.




(Signatures of the Card owner)



(Date signed)  



 Do not forget to sign